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County Contacts

Board of Supervisors, Main Office


1055 Monterey Street, Suite D430, San Luis Obispo, CA 93408


Planning Commission

Ramona Hedges, Supervising Administrative Clerk ll, Planning Commission Secretary,  Custodian of Records - Department of Planning and Building, (805) 781-5612


District 1

John Peschong, Supervisor


Vicki Janssen, Legislative Assistant,  805-781-4491


Jay Brown, Planning Commissioner, 805-369-9144


District 2

Bruce Gibson, Supervisor


Blake Fixler, Legislative Assistant



Michael Multari, Planning Commissioner



District 3

Adam Hill, Supervisor


Nicole Nix, Legislative Assistant, 805-781-4336


Dawn Ortiz-Legg, Planning Commissioner



District 4

Lynn Compton, Supervisor, 805-331-4650


Caleb Mott, Legislative Assitant, 805-781-4337



District 5

Debbie Arnold, Supervisor

Micki Olinger, Legislative Assistant, 805-781-4339


Don Campbell, Planning Commissioner, 805-238-0839

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