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Our sister organization, the Santa Barbara County Coalition for Responsible Cannabis, have filed suit against the County of Santa Barbara for shoddy environmental analysis and regulation related to hoop structures used for cannabis growing. Click here for the group's official announcement. An article about it is posted here.
North Dakota quietly 'decriminalizes' weed, but doesn't 'legalize' it
KSBY: Cannabis processing and explosion risks
KSBY: Weaker than expected cannabis sales ding California budget
York Mountain residents have filed suit against the County of San Luis Obispo (5/4/2019) and have asked the court for an injunction to stop to the pot farm
More news about how regulation is going in SLO county and further reason cannabis production shouldn't be anywhere near residences (4/29/19)...
Grover Beach cannabis dispensary owner facing charges in Santa Barbara county
SLO County's largest cannabis cultivation site shut down (CFAM)
Here is an article called Countywide, Residents, Vintners, Avocado Growers Unite to Fight a Cannabis Coup by Ann Louise Bardach in the Santa Barbara Independent. This piece highlights well the strategic parallels the cannabis industry have adopted between ours and other counties, and just how much damage it's doing.
*South El Pomar* Update: The Templeton Area Advisory Group (TAAG) voted unanimously to disapprove recommendation of the proposed C.B. Farms cannabis cultivation on South El Pomar. The project had numerous inconsistencies with the cannabis ordinance (and not to mention the neighborhood).  Here is the report. Hopefully, the county of SLO will have the sense to consider these findings. (Updated 4/20/19)
*Creston* Update: New application received by the county for growing pot in Creston. Please see the following links for KSBY coverage on a proposed cannabis site really close to Creston and its elementary school!
KSBY Report: Search warrant executed on legal cannabis grower also growing illegally
SCWG New Release: Board of Supervisors Weigh Cannabis Decision (3/25/19)
York Mountain Letter-to-the-Editor and SLO County Board of Supervisors. (3/20/18)
LA Times Article on Cannabis Industry Corrupting Local Officials throughout California. (Updated 3/19/19)
As of March, 2019, SLO County is processing an invasion of 95 cannabis project applications in our county. Do you want drug production nuisances, smell, security risks and other problems in your neighborhood? Click here for information on how to find out where they are. Here is a sample letter you can print, sign and send to the county board of supervisors to tell them you object!
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